What Clients Say


“Kassie Steegman is a highly skilled and intuitive leadership coach who has provided valuable guidance to me in my role as an educational consultant to two large international organizations. Kassie’s deep knowledge about organizations and her extensive expertise in personal and executive coaching combined with her fine-tuned intuitive and communication skills makes her an ideal coach. She helped me navigate several difficult organizational challenges with astute observations and insights, and her coaching proved to be right on target and beneficial to myself and others.”

— Susan Keister, Education Management Consultant

“When I began my coaching, I had just started a new business.  I had some concept of what I wanted to achieve both professionally and personally.  Coaching allowed me to determine where my true strengths and interests lie, to determine what functions I was doing that were not furthering my ultimate success, and to determine what areas needed more attention.  It required honest and sometimes awkward introspection and assessment.  But Kassie made the process comfortable, rewarding, and most often enjoyable.  Without a doubt, the best aspect of my coaching was the achievement of clear goals and vision that was lacking, particularly from a business perspective.  Another key benefit I realized was a reduction in stress that came from an increased confidence in my aim and execution.”

— Ryan Miltner, Owner, The Miltner Law Firm, LLC

“Kassie is a top notch executive coach and I have found our conversations extremely valuable. She makes me think and I am always amazed how many ideas evolve from our sessions. Because she brings outstanding business experience, she understands the issues an executive faces. She is a trusted advisor that is sensitive to others. Her style is open and she asks questions that are “spot on.” Kassie deeply believes in assisting people to be the best they can be. I strongly recommend Kassie as an executive coach/consultant.”

— Louise Morman, Executive Coach, Strategic Planning  & Marketing Consultant, Eldercare Advocate

“Too often help is not helpful. Coaches get in their own way by talking too much about nothing at all and by refusing to be still and wade into the deeper water of their clients’ lives. Usually, this is because the coaches have not traversed this inner landscape in themselves. Kassie’s work is very different. She combines the elegant ability to probe deeply and skillfully into what’s essential with a developed, intuitive capacity to follow a client’s leading towards freedom and heightened skill. Kassie has the rare ability to work fearlessly with fear without blinking, without judging, and without demanding that anything be other than what it is. Herein lies her great giftedness!”

— Dan Holden, The Leadership Circle

“This experience exceeded my expectations.The way I perceive what people say and how I respond has changed dramatically resulting in reduced stress and a much more enjoyable experience.Your professionalism and preparation for the meetings to both connect to the previous meeting, the intervening week’s events, and the goal of the new meeting was remarkable.They all came together and reinforced each other.By relating to current events, conversations and feelings, it was easier to make the instruction relevant and meaningful.”

— Senior Partner, Law firm

“Kassie is an intuitive leader who is able to balance her analytical skills with her genuine passion for teaching and development. Kassie is always readily available to provide guidance and honest feedback, and has an innate ability to develop relationships. She leads by example in every way. Her work ethic is unmatched and she is able to toggle between attention to detail and a strategic mindset to deliver a quality product. I have continued to turn to Kassie as a coach throughout my career.”

— Jill Eft Aubert


“I had the distinct pleasure to have Kassie for my instructor as I took the DISC certification course through J. Ferm, LLC. As an instructor of material that, at times, can be abstract, Kassie was able to find common ground for all the class participants in order to obtain the maximum from their educational experience. All the while, she did so with grace, high integrity, and great diplomacy. She is very skilled in her material knowledge and far reaching is her ability to engage all class participants. The highest compliment I believe I can give is that I will certainly be looking for opportunities to use Kassie’s services again as my company grows.”

— Rhonda Crowe, Quest for Best

“It was a great pleasure to have Kassie as my instructor as I took the DISC certification course. As a leader, she was prompt, detail-oriented, open, and extremely personable. Kassie was able to make a telecourse feel like she was standing in front of you and leading you in the right direction at all times. The participants of the course came from varied professional backgrounds and it seemed effortless for her to make it a cohesive, fun course. Kassie was extremely knowledgeable in the material and went above and beyond to make herself available to all participants.”

— Blake Riley, Performance Learning Solutions



“I’ve learned so much about leadership, coaching, and public speaking from Kassie through our Brewery District Toastmasters club. The leadership segments she has shared with us are insightful, thought provoking, and incredibly valuable for anyone who leads a team or has leadership responsibilities at his/her company. As a member and now as an officer, Kassie has helped our club grow stronger. She is a true professional and a great public speaker!”

– Carol Paquette, Quality Interactions Specialist, Customer
Care Center, Grange Insurance

“I was lucky enough to attend a personal branding session that Kassie led this past May, 2011. Through the material presented and the interactive exercises, I was able to better hone my career objective and personal value proposition. The timing was great because I recently went through a career change and had the opportunity to apply the lessons learned, and the results were great. Not only was I better able to communicate my strengths to potential employers, but I discovered more about what I really wanted to do and I earned the position that I really wanted. I have also worked with Kassie through a CFA Society of Columbus committee initiative, and I highly recommend her work through both experiences that I have had with her.”

— Zach Lawrence, CFA

“Kassie gave a presentation about communication and behavioral styles at a career day program hosted by a member society of CFA Institute. Her presentation was clear, informative, and very relevant. From audience responses and questions it was evident that she ignited several light bulbs in attendees’ heads in terms of helping them realize the value in understanding the differences in style as a way to communicate more effectively with others and enhance working relationships. It was obvious in her presentation that she had a deep knowledge of her topic and obvious in her handouts that she had been thoughtful in her preparation for the session.”

— Julia Van Deren, Career Services Representative, The CFA Institute





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