Who We Are

Evolving Leadership, LLC is a coaching, consulting and training organization, which specializes in helping leaders and their teams create collaborative, authentic and empowered work environments that result in organizational effectiveness, productivity and sustainability.  We help leaders build strong relationships with team members and their clients.

  • Are you clear about the vision that you are trying to create?
  • Do you approach your business from a place of purpose?
  • What values drive your leadership?
  • Would you like to improve communication among team members?
  • Are you and your team members speaking authentically?
  • Would you like to build strong, authentic relationships with your customers?
  • Do you have the kind of working environment that fosters creative solutions?
  • Is your team operating at its greatest potential?
  • Are your associates fulfilled and empowered so that the organization benefits?

We focus on leaders as “human beings,” not just “human doings.”  Effective leadership requires an integration of left-brain, analytical thinking and right-brain, creative, intuitive capabilities.  It is important for leaders and businesses to focus on problem solving and taking action.  However, in this interconnected and global business world, maximizing collaborative skills and leading from one’s values and integrity are becoming a necessity.

“Regulation has a hard time keeping up and has been a poor predictor of the practices and conduct that will lead to future instability. Adopting best practices and the highest ethical standards isn’t a matter of ticking compliance boxes anymore; truly integrating a culture of integrity will emerge as a key distinguishing factor for financial services firms that want to attract and keep business.”

Jon Stokes, head of Standards and Practices at CFA Institute







“In business, we place too much emphasis on what can be counted and not nearly enough on trusting and being trusted.”

— John Bogle, Enough

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