Maximizing Board Diversity

Recently I read the article, “Why Diversity Can Backfire on Company Boards,” in the January 25, 2010 issue of Wall Street Journal. The authors discussed a number of reasons why diversity can backfire. They say that “people often feel baffled, threatened or even annoyed by persons with views and backgrounds very different from their own.” Some existing board members can dismiss new members by judging them prematurely, being impatient with different behaviors, projecting stereotypical labels, and treating them in a rude manner. All of these behaviors detract from board and organizational effectiveness. Have you ever found yourself engaged in any of these behaviors? If you take an honest look at yourself, can you truly say that these behaviors are serving the board and the company you represent? To build a more productive board, I recommend that directors focus on building their awareness of style, values and reactive tendencies.  Read full article.

Exploring Personal Purpose

Do You Have a Defined Sense of Personal Purpose? 

January is a great time to think about purpose.  Although, exploring purpose is not like making New Year’s resolutions.  It is a deeper and ongoing process.  We have just completed one of the most challenging years in most of our lives.  In 2009, the financial markets reached 12-year lows, companies experienced significant upheaval, home foreclosures escalated and many people lost their jobs.  As you reflect upon the past few years, can you say that you are living a life that matters?  Read full article.

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