Developing Leaders


A primary success factor in becoming a strong and successful leader is gaining a deep level of self awareness. Truly knowing oneself is a critical step in being able to understand, inspire, motivate and interact with others. Being grounded in one’s strengths, values, and purpose allows an individual to proactively and creatively engage in his or her work and interact with a team. With this in-depth awareness, a leader can put new behaviors, insights, beliefs and skills into practice.

There are multiple layers of leadership development. We work with leaders to identify the development plan that best serves their needs and desired outcomes. What a person requires as an emerging leader is very different from what someone requires as a seasoned leader.

We work with leaders to:

  • Fully embrace their strengths
  • Understand what motivates them
  • Embrace their own sense of leadership style and purpose
  • Understand the strengths, styles and motivators of team members
  • Develop and communicate clear visions
  • Improve leadership competencies
  • Move through reactive tendencies, behaviors and assumptions that limit effectiveness
  • Communicate authentically
  • Maximize leadership presence

Leaders have the ability to achieve greater levels of skill and capacity. To move beyond traditional levels of achievement to more advanced levels of capacity requires a conscious and disciplined effort. The coaching relationship provides structure, insight, support, and accountability, which enable a leader to achieve his or her goals.
Our coaching process follows the Hudson Institute model.

“And it is clear to me now that the process of becoming a leader and the process of becoming a fully integrated human being are one and the same, both grounded in self-discovery.”
– Warren Bennis, The Essential Bennis






“Authentic Leadership is living with awareness. It is leading from purpose by continually focusing your attention and commitment on a desired future, and in the midst of the current culture, taking authentic action to bring that vision into being over time.”


— Bob Anderson,

The Leadership Circle


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